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Blog Names - Trying to Name a Blog

We are webmasters for our Catholic church's website, and one thing we recently decided to do with it was to add a blog.  I am all ready to start playing with a design for it in Adobe Illustrator, but first, it needs a name.  I am really hoping we can come up with something interesting.  Here are the conditions it needs to fulfill:

1) While it can be humorous, it cannot be dated or irreverent in any way.

2) It should reflect the overarching theme of the blog, which is the daily struggle of lay Catholics trying to achieve holiness as they go about their day to day life.  There will be a lot of advice, spiritual direction and resources for such people in this blog.

3) It should somehow reflect that we are a true Vatican II parish... meaning, we read the documents and we want to live them out in our parish.  If you're an active Catholic, you'll understand what that whole concept is about, or you should.  Anyway...

I've seen some catchy names out there in the Catholic blogosphere, like Young Fogeys, American Papist, and The Cafeteria Is Closed.  I'd love for us to come up with something equally catchy, if not as polemical sounding. 

Any ideas?


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