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May 27, 2008

Does your website have WebTV problems?

Here at Promotion Web Design, we are familiar with the importance of designing your website to be compatible with various browsers.  For instance, if you aren't careful you might create a website that looks wonderful in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but breaks down when viewed in Mozilla's Firefox browser.  Now it appears there is another one out there to be aware of: WebTV.  And this one may be a little more...interesting...to design for.

One of our clients contacted us after she received an e-mail stating that her site was not appearing correctly in WebTV.  Here is how the site looks when viewed in Internet Explorer:

 Internet Explorer view of Life Is Worth Living

Now here is how it looks when viewed on a WebTV viewer (a freeware downloadable viewer that theoretically gives you the same view a WebTV user would experience on their television).

WebTV view of Life is Worth Living 

I tried looking at some other sites using the viewer, such as CNN and Foxnews.com.  They looked so bad as to be unsurfable.  

In fact, the only site that looked just fine in the WebTV viewer was webtv.com.  Imagine that!

You can see what your website looks like in the WebTV browser by downloading the free viewer for yourself.  The URL is http://www.freewareweb.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?ID=481 .  Or just Google webtv viewer.

I'm not sure we're going to rush to redesign all our sites to be WebTV friendly.  No one else is, apparently... maybe it is going to be up to the people behind WebTV to get it working more like a conventional browser a la your PC or Mac.  Still, it's something to keep in mind.  For now, there are a few things you can do to be more WebTV friendly, according to About.com.

It's worth looking into and keeping in mind for future web designs. 

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May 05, 2008

The Catholic Blog is Named! Follow up.

I thought it would only be polite to follow up that last blog entry with the good news that we finally settled upon a name for the our Catholic blog: St. Peter's Point.

Catholic Blog - Saint Peter's Point

It's perhaps not as clever as some blog names out there, but it's not completely brainless either... it's a bit of a play on words.  The church is in Stevens Point, which everyone around here calls "Point" and it is also the "other St. Peter's" (the original of course being in Vatican City - that would be, St. Peter's Rome vs. St. Peter's Point).  So it's not so much the name but the picture that gives you the idea behind the title. 

There you go, one more blog successfully named, I believe.

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May 01, 2008

Blog Names - Trying to Name a Blog

We are webmasters for our Catholic church's website, and one thing we recently decided to do with it was to add a blog.  I am all ready to start playing with a design for it in Adobe Illustrator, but first, it needs a name.  I am really hoping we can come up with something interesting.  Here are the conditions it needs to fulfill:

1) While it can be humorous, it cannot be dated or irreverent in any way.

2) It should reflect the overarching theme of the blog, which is the daily struggle of lay Catholics trying to achieve holiness as they go about their day to day life.  There will be a lot of advice, spiritual direction and resources for such people in this blog.

3) It should somehow reflect that we are a true Vatican II parish... meaning, we read the documents and we want to live them out in our parish.  If you're an active Catholic, you'll understand what that whole concept is about, or you should.  Anyway...

I've seen some catchy names out there in the Catholic blogosphere, like Young Fogeys, American Papist, and The Cafeteria Is Closed.  I'd love for us to come up with something equally catchy, if not as polemical sounding. 

Any ideas?

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