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The websites in our life right now

As I mentioned previously, we have in fact been doing web design in the lost time since The Second Mouse was active.  One project that is entering the final phases of design and moving into the growth phase is Justiceworks Ltd. It's a website about a group working for restorative justice in Portage County, WI.  We helped put up a rudamentary website for this non-profit organization when they first began operating, but when the committee hired an executive director she took an interest in really maximizing the potential of the website to not only raise awareness about restorative justice, but to seek support in the form of donations and to promote the major fundraising and awareness event Justiceworks holds annually, a walk/run.  It has been an interesting project and it is exciting to see it taking shape.

Another website that we're working on is for a Franciscan hermit in our area.  That's right, we are doing a hermit's website.  How cool is that?

In addition, a long-awaited update to Maher Water Corporation's website is finally underway.  This is the business my father owns.  I first put up a website for him in 1998, and it has not changed a whole lot since then.  In fact, its last design was done in Frontpage 98, which just goes to show you how old it is.  The new version of this small business design is being done in Dreamweaver, and I will let you know as soon as it is launched.  Visitors will find the site more interactive and dynamic.  It will be easier to navigate and there will be much more offered.  I can't wait to show it to you!

Other projects in the works... it seems there is an entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in Tomahawk WI where the locals are making all manner of Western decor and gifts and are looking to sell them on the internet!  Even though you can't get a cable modem at the Sundance Ranch, that did not stop my aunt Sunnie Mercier from seeking to open an ecommerce site.  She's getting started with a Yahoo Store, but there are plans to move from the included templates to a customized Yahoo store, something Jason and I will put together based on her design concept. 

Jason's also done some web programming consulting work, and we're working on a political advocacy site surrounding a hot issue in our area (to be revealed later).  There's the ongoing work on our own web businesses, always.  We're putting our Promotion Web Design shingle out a little more too, and that is bringing in quote requests so expect more news of new websites to check out in the near future.



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