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Good things come to small businesses who wait

Holy schmackers (as some of us here in the *real* Dairy State say), have we abandoned The Second Mouse for so long?  In fact, we had another child and remodeled our house in the intervening time, but we have also been working on websites and gaining lots of experience, that is to say, nuggets of web know-how "cheese" for those of you looking to get going on your small business website.

Just to be clear, this is not a techno-blog.  I do not understand the inner workings of search engines (rather, I have a good understanding of their external workings, like how they spider a site and things to do to make your web pages favorable for their index).  I don't try to stay up on the debate between CSS purists and those who still use (gasp) tables in their web designs.  In short, I am not going to attempt to write about technology that, frankly, most small business owners could care less about.  I like to write about web design from the perspective of someone like, say, my parents.  They own two well-established local businesses and they have picked up some knowledge about how websites work from me.  They are knowledgeable enough to realize the importance of having a website, to be sure.  (And the benefits of having their daughter and son-in-law as their web designers Laughing.)  If you ever wished you had someone who knows how to make a website in your family, well, read The Second Mouse blog because you've got Jason and me! 

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