Web Design and Promotion

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Promotion Web Design enjoys giving back to the community. That’s why we will take the opportunity to design a website for free for organizations we desire to make a contribution to. One such organization is the John Paul II Academy in Schofield, WI.

We were involved in founding this academy, whose mission we felt drawn to - to provide a classical Catholic education. When the decision was made to name the school after the Pope who blessed our marriage, it was a particular joy to take on the task of creating a website for the academy.

Even though it is a free web design, we have given it just as much care as we do our other web sites. As a result, John Paul II Academy now has a voice to introduce itself to the community, a location for people to download the necessary forms and applications, and a way to communicate upcoming events.


Free Web Site Design Highlights

A bold, professional layout establishes the strength of this school’s mission. The picture on the homepage emphasizes the Catholic identity of the school.

A “news and events” column on the home page provides the opportunity for fresh content to be added on a regular basis.

Documents associated with the academy are provided in both .html and .pdf format so they are more accessible to visitors and easy to download.

This free web design turns out to be one of the most utilitarian sites we are responsible for. As the school opens its doors, it will become even more valuable as a resource to parents, students and faculty. The website has proven itself as an information source. A link to the academy web site was included in a recent newspaper article.